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Investment Focus

Focus on photonics - key industry of the 21st century. Photonics and sensor systems are amongst the most promising growth areas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Optical technologies utilise light (photons) as a “tool”, information or energy medium. They cover the full range of technologies for light

▪ generation, e.g. lasers, bulbs,
▪ manipulation, e.g. lenses, gratings,
▪ transfer, e.g. optical fibre,
▪ conversion, e.g. solar cells, LED,
▪ storage, e.g. CD, DVD, holograms,
▪ visualization, e.g. displays and
exploitation, e.g. water sterilization using UV rays.

As a result of their superior physical properties, optical processes and technologies are increasingly replacing the previously established processes and applications. Examples of this are the use of lasers in material processing, new display technologies and optical storage media. As cross sectional technologies, optical technologies provide a wide range of industries with various applications. This creates a reduced dependency upon the cycles of individual sectors.

1. Memory, 2. Sensors, 3. Displays, 4. Material processing
5. Data transmission

In addition, the potential offered by optical technologies has not yet been exploited to the full by any means: a fast pace of innovation is opening up a further growing number of new applications which would be inconceivable without the use of optical technologies. Like electronics in the last century photonics will be a key industry in the 21st Century. In the German Government’s innovation policy of “a high-tech strategy for Germany” optical technologies are fundamental to the future.


Seen from the technical viewpoint the wavelength of light is just one section of the electromagnetic spectrum that ranges from radio waves to infrared and UV radiation, up to high-energy X-ray radiation. DEWB’s technological know-how extends beyond the boundaries of light. That is why attractive investment opportunities are also being evaluated in associated fields. Thanks to the use of optical technologies in the manufacture of semiconductors and the increasing utilisation of semiconductor technologies in the manufacture of optical components, DEWB has also gained an understanding for developments in the semiconductor sector and derivative technologies such as MEMS and RFID.

Target region: world leader. The region of Germany/Austria/Switzerland is one of the world leaders in terms of technology and profitability in the sectors within DEWB’s area of focus. German companies have approx. 40 percent of the world market in laser sources for material processing. In the sensor technology area Germany has a global market share of around 30 percent, occupying the number one spot ahead of the USA and Japan. In the rapidly growing market for photovoltaic applications Germany is also in direct competition with Japan for the top spot amongst the world’s largest producers.

The optical industry in Germany is characterised by small and medium sized companies by contrast to the USA and Asia whose markets are dominated by major corporations and conglomerates. It has a large number of new company start-ups with an increasing demand for financing. It is precisely here that DEWB sees itself as being ideally positioned thanks to its orientation and volume of investment. Strategic investors from Germany and abroad are also looking for targeted investment opportunities particularly in this field of technology. This has created a functioning M&A market which offers DEWB good exit opportunities.